(US-525M) Rack-mounted Multi-Channel Eddy Current Testing Instrument

The US-525M multi-channel eddy current testing instrument is a rugged industrial rack-mounted instrument offering multi-channel testing, integral digital strip chart, as well as Ethernet control and data transfer to meet your in process testing requirements. This instrument offers up to eight channels, with a frequency range of 20 Hz to 10 Mz, a high signal-to-noise ratio, a bright 12-inch diagonal color LCD flat-panel screen, and data storage of 32 Gig. It offers input/output (I/O) capability, USB and Ethernet connectivity, as well as three discrete alarm gates with independent outputs per channel. for your on-line bar, tube, wire and specialty component testing needs.

Product Features

• Multi-Channel: up to 8 channels
• Bright 12" diagonal color LCD, flat panel
• Frequency Range: 20 Hz to 10 Mz
• Data Storage: 32 Gig internal Card
• Four encoder inputs provide position¬†stamped data to client computer.
• Quadrature 5 volt optically isolated inputs.
• Weight: 42 lbs
• Dimensions: 19" wide x 8.7" high x 18.5" deep


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US-525M Accesories

U40-HS Coil Holder, U-40GH Hardened Steel Guides, U40-HS Coils with multi-differential and absolute defect detector


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