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US-454A Tech Specs

(US-454A) Portable, Battery-Operated Multi-Frequency Eddy Current Instrument

The US-454A is a portable, hand-held, battery-operated multi-frequency eddy current instrument that can be connected to a laptop, PC and motion controllers for use in semi- or fully automatic data collection applications. Two encoder inputs enable position stamping of data. Pulse-on position input is ideal for motion control applications. Ethernet and USB capabilities allow instrument control along with time- and position-stamped data transfer to the client computer.


Built from the rugged US-454 architecture, the US-454A offers single- and multi-frequency inspection, frequency mixing capabilities, enhanced signal-to-noise ratio, USB, Ethernet and data storage capability, and unprecedented digital strip chart data collection.


Product Features

• Multi-frequency – up to four frequencies
• Frequency Range: 20 Hz to 15 MHz
• Bright, 6.5" diagonal color LCD, flat panel
• Digital strip chart recording
• Two encoder inputs for position stamping of data
• Pulse on position input for motion control application
• Ethernet for instrument control along with time/position stamped data transfer to client computer
• 16 bit resolution digital data
• Can store up to 250 individual four megabyte date files on a 1 Gig Card
• High Speed Scanner connection
• Video LCD display with external RGB output
• Lithium ion rechargeable battery pack, 10.8 Volts, 5400 mAh
• Programmable push button function keys
• Weight: 5 lbs. with battery, 4 lbs without battery
• Dimensions: 11.5" long X 7.5" high X 3" deep

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Portable Multi-Frequency ECT Instrument

The US-454AC is an AC version of the US-454A for use in facilities where AC power is available.  Batteries are not required.


UniWest can also build specialty visions systems to work with eddy current probes inspection of hard-to-access areas. 

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