(US-450) Desktop or Production Eddy Current Instrument

The US-450 is a unique desk op eddy current instrument well suited for use in the lab, which can connect your desktop PC for data collection and analysis.

The US-450 offers high-speed flaw detection when used with an automated inspection system, digital thickness measurement of conductive and non-conductive coatings, digital thickness measurement of nonferrous metals, and digital readout of conductivity, phase and amplitude.

This instrument adapts to fit most eddy current probes and features a integral digital strip chart recorder and a frequency range of 100 Hz to 10 MHz.

Product Features

•Frequency Range: 100 Hz to 10 MHz 
•High speed flaw detection when used with automatedinspection system 
•Digital strip chart recorder 
•Adapts to fit most eddy current probes 
•Digital thickness measurement of conductive & non-conductive coatings
•Digital thickness measurement of non-ferrous metals 
•Digital readout of conductivity, phase & amplitude
Employee Owned | Made in the USA
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