UniWest specializes in providing turnkey eddy current (EC) and ultrasonic (UT) system development for your special application needs. Whether your EC or UT application involves aircraft, automotive, manufacturing, or component testing, UniWest can provide a complete solution to your testing requirements.



Jet Engine Semi-Automated Eddy Current Scanning System

The ETC-2000 jet engine EC scanning system, developed under the auspices of the ETC (Engine Titanium Consortium), is a semi-automated system for scanning fracture-critical jet engine components. The scanner was developed to work with most jet engine OEM components requiring highly critical eddy current testing.

Uni-Versal Robotic Eddy Current Test Machine

The Uni-Versal™ Test Machine is revolutionizing the way products are quality tested in the automotive industry. It is the first flexible test platform that offers totally robotic testing of metal bearings and spindles utilizing eddy current testing (ECT) for cracks. It is also the first machine of its kind to offer true automatic self-calibration.

(ES-1000) ES-1000 Jet Engine Tabletop ECT Scanner

UniWest’s new ES-1000 tabletop ECT module provides 3-axis, semi-automatic ECT inspection for rotationally symmetric jet engine components weighing up to 30 pounds, such as engine disk bores and webs. The ES-1000’s modular design allows sharing of components, such as probes, part-mounts, instruments, computers and monitors.

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(ECS-3) Lightweight, Portable Rotating Eddy Current Scanner System

The ECS-3 scanner provides a constant-speed circular scanning pattern for applications requiring highly accurate inspections, such as the military, commercial airlines, bridges, and some manufacturing plants. Application examples include lap joints, various flat flush fasteners, flat bars and flat-plate bar stock.
This lightweight, battery-powered scanner features a 3/4” scan width to reach into small areas and can scan about 1 inch in 2 seconds. Scan speed is 3,000 RPM. Frequency range is 20 kHz to 10 MHz.
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(US-1779) Tie-Bolt Inspection System

The US-1779 Tie Bolt System enables complete inspection of aircraft wheel bolt threads as well as inspection under the bolt head for highly accurate eddy current testing. Photo shows the US-1779 Tie Bolt Inspection System being used with the US-454A.
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(JF-15) Hand-held Eddy Current Bolt Hole Inspection Scanner

The JF-15 is a hand-held bolt hole inspection scanner that complements the UniWest US-450 and US-454 Eddy Current Instruments for high-speed and accurate bolt hole scanning.


(ECS-1) Mini Rotating Fastener and Eddy Current Bolt Hole Inspection Scanner

The ECS-1 Mini Rotating Scanner is designed for airframe fastener and bolt hole inspections. It is synchronized to provide defect amplitude and circumferential location. Null and Erase buttons are conveniently located near the user's thumb.


(ECS-2) Eddy Current Bolt Hole Inspection Scanner

The ECS-2 scanner is a high-torque industrial-grade scanner that can easily be integrated into your automated system. This scanner has variable speed capability of 0-1500 RPM and can interface with an ancillary controller for position and speed control.

(US-1518) ScanDex™ Portable EC Scanner Positioning Device

The US-1518 ScanDex™ positions the JF-15 high-speed bolt hole scanner so that the probe is precisely positioned parallel to the bolt hole. This ensures that the coil is coupled to the surface of the bolt hole, maximizing the signal response to produce the best defect response possible.
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