UniWest provides critical solutions for non-destructive testing. Whether your testing needs are in the laboratory, in production, or in the field, UniWest can solve your unique testing needs. UniWest specializes in solving complex eddy-current and ultrasonic applications and providing critical solutions for the toughest challenges.

UniWest's products are engineered with the end user in mind. Our Special Applications team develops eddy-current and ultrasonic products for use in the field, in production, and for use in the laboratory. UniWest offers a turnkey solution by assisting the customer with the end goal in mind: assisting the customer with highly sensitive eddy-current and ultrasonic testing capability.

UniWest's unique “4Ds” process for rapid prototype development ensures fast solutions to complex application problems.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Define Customer Application Problems.
  2. Design Innovative Engineering Model.
  3. Develop Solution Driven Prototypes.
  4. Deliver Turnkey Solutions.


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