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UniWest products can be used with many standard eddy current probes and ultrasonic transducers, but we can also develop specialty probes and kits for your unique field applications. UniWest can offer a turnkey solution for your special inspection needs complete with reference standards, probes, transducers, instrumentation, and cases to meet your testing requirements.


Airframe Surface Eddy Current Inspection Kit

Airframe surface inspection kit for eddy current inspection of challenging airframe geometries, such as edges, flats, cutouts, and tight radii.

Raised-Head Fastener Eddy Current Inspection Kit

Airframe inspection kit for eddy current inspection of raised-head fasteners commonly found on airframe structures. Kit includes specialty reference standards.

Surface Airframe Eddy Current Inspection Kit (II)

Specialty eddy current inspection kit for inspection of airframe parts such as radii, fastener holes, and flat and edge geometries.

Standard Surface Eddy Current Probes, Ring Probes, Bolt-Hole Probes

UniWest builds and develops all industry-standard types of surface probes, pencil probes, ring probes, and manual bolt-hole probes for common airframe and industrial inspections. We can also specially design probes for your unique application.

Standard Eddy Current Pencil Probes

UniWest offers numerous styles of standard pencil probes in addition to manual bolt-hole probes and specialty edge inspection probes.
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Standard Eddy Current Encircling Coils

UniWest offers many of standard encircling coils for tube and wire applications in addition to special application probes for your unique inspections.
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(ETC-2000) Specialty Eddy Current Probes

UniWest develops a large assortment of ETC-2000 scanner probes for various inspection geometries.

(ECS-3) High-Speed Hand-Held Rotating Surface Scanning Kit

The ECS-3 high-speed, hand-held rotating eddy current scanner and scanner system was designed for ease of use and interpretation. Set-up is quick and easy. A full C-scan image displays the scanned surface in color or gray-scale, mirroring the surface and subsurface, to provide ease of interpretation and reduce the chance of interpretive error. The scanner system consists of the ECS-3 scanner, US-454A EddyView laptop, and ECS-3 imaging software. The system provides real-time imaging of diverse conductive metals clearly showing surface and subsurface material conditions and discontinuities.

Eddy Current Field Inspection Kits

UniWest can build customized eddy current inspection kits to include all you need for field inspections. Kits may include: eddy current probes, scanner, case and cables.

Field > Probes-Standards & Specials - Vision Kits

UniWest builds a number of special application vision probes that utilize the visual capability of the US-454A eddy current instrument. These visual probes come complete with internal camera and lighting (including UV lighting) and mechanical articulation to access hard-to-reach inspection areas.

(US-454A) EddyView™ Dual-Frequency Eddy Current Instrument with Visual Capabilities

The US-454 dual-frequency eddy current instrument is well suited for data collection in the laboratory and offers both UV and camera capabilities. Screen capture allows the operator to save a bitmap "snapshot" of the screen to save and archive data. The EddyViewTM also features a built-in strip chart recorder. The instrument's x/y outputs on top of the instrument enable data streaming with your automated system.

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