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4/14 UniWest ES-1000: Cost-Efficient Eddy Current Testing Option for Jet Engine Inspections


Pasco, WA - UniWest’s new ES-1000 tabletop ECT module provides 3-axis, semi-automatic ECT inspection for rotationally symmetric jet engine components weighing up to 30 pounds, such as engine disk bores and webs.


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10/13 New EddyView Product Line from UniWest Expands Portable ECT Instrument Choices


Pasco, WA - NDT technology leader UniWest has announced the launch of the EddyViewTM family of three new portable eddy current testing instruments. The line of new instruments, Prime, Pro and Premium, is designed to match the technical functionality and price of EC instruments from the most basic to the most sophisticated.


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As Seen in Quality Magazine

5/13 Flaw Detection Gets Smart with Robotic NDT

by Bryan Leach, UniWest


The recent advent of more affordable industrial robots and controls has enabled the development of fully automated eddy current testing systems that improve flaw detection and reduce inspection costs. While manual NDT has been employed for decades on safety-critical components, today robotic eddy current testing is playing an increasingly important role in the achievement of corporate quality assurance objectives. Configurable into virtually any new or existing production line, today’s robotic eddy current testing stations perform at production line speeds, with minimal human intervention.


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As Seen in ASM International

4/13 Eddy Current Testing - Higher throughput, smaller flaw detection, greater precision, and more cost-efficient NDT

by UniWest


In the world of nondestructive testing (NDT), few areas of failure prediction hold greater consequence than the commercial aerospace industry. Airplanes weighing over 200,000 lb accelerate from 0-150 mph in 90 seconds, fly in hostile weather conditions, and decelerate from 150-0 in another 90 seconds, and repeat the cycle until the landing gear tire treads are worn to their safe limit.


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4/5/13 UniWest’s New Multi-Channel Eddy Current Inspection Instrument Provides Exceptional Signal-to-Noise Ratio


The 525M enables detection of smaller flaws that other instruments may miss with it's exceptional signal-to-noise ratio. The instrument is ideal for quality assurance in the automotive, aerospace, and metal production industries.

multi-channel: up to 8 channels
bright 12" diagonal color LCD, flat panel
frequency range: 20 Hz to 10 Mz

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11/12/12 UniWest Brings the Only 4-Frequency Eddy Current Portable Instrument with Integration Ability to the Marketplace (US-454A)


UniWest’s US-454A Eddy Current Instrument offers single- and multi-frequency Eddy Current (EC) inspection, unprecedented signal-to-noise ratio, frequency mixing capabilities, USB and Ethernet data storage capability, and exceptional digital strip chart data collection.

single and multi-frequency inspection
frequency mixing capabilities
enhanced signal to noise ratio

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10/4/12 UniWest Tie Bolt Inspection System Outperforms Other Testing Methods for Aircraft


Aircraft wheel tie bolts are extremely safety-critical, as they hold the two halves of the wheel together and must withstand the stress of landing. The landing of the aircraft, as well as the loosening and tightening of the bolts over time, can cause them to stretch and eventually crack. Broken bolts on the flight line often cause delays of departure. That is why airlines continually strive to employ the best available test methods to locate potential problems in the tie bolts.


Recently introduced, UniWest’s Tie Bolt Inspection System using eddy current testing (ECT) is now being used by major airlines as well as numerous aircraft wheel and brake shops that perform testing of aircraft landing gear.


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 1/23/12 Uni-Versal™ Test Machine For Robotic Eddy Current Testing Offers Automatic Self Calibration


UniWest has introduced the newUni-Versal™ Test Machine, the first flexible test platform thatoffers totally robotic testing of metal bearings and spindles utilizing eddycurrent testing (ECT) for cracks.

Uni-Versal™ is the first machine of its kind to offer trueautomatic self-calibration.


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10/1/11 UniWest is Now Specializing in Custom Reference Standards


UniWest can build your primary or master reference standards

with state-of-the-art EDM (Electric Discharge Machine) and CNC capabilities

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10/1/11 UniWest introduces Proceq's Cold Rolling of Aluminum Products: Failure to maintain a constant roll hardness will shorten the roll life.


Cold rolling is a metal working process in which metal is deformed by passing it through rollers at a temperature below its recrystallization temperature. It is a method often used to decrease the thickness of plate and sheet metal.


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