UniWest's core competencies include solving tough NDT (non-destructive testing) challenges in the aircraft, automotive, power generation, primary metals, and manufacturing industries. UniWest's products and application development capability can also be found in many research, training and laboratory settings.



AreospaceUniWest provides the total solution for developing inspection tooling for jet engine and airframe structures. UniWest can develop customized special application sensors in addition to providing instrumentation, special reference standards, service, and support to meet your quality program objectives. UniWest's hand-held UT and NDT testing equipment, such as the ECS-3 scanner system, can be used in the field to detect surface and subsurface cracks, heat damage, and variations in thickness to discover any corrosion in ferrous or nonferrous materials. Our US-525M instrument and UniWest Specialty Probes provide continuous monitoring for material changes in safety-critical parts such as jet engines.


AutomotiveUniWest products, including the compact robotic Uni-Versal Robotic Eddy Current Test Machine™, can be integrated into your automotive production line to meet your component testing needs.  UniWest can develop your entire turnkey system or act as a system integrator for your in-line testing needs.

Power Generation

Power GenerationUniWest provides specialty sensors and instrumentation for eddy-current and ultrasonic inspections, such as field measurement of conductive and nonconductive coatings to discover material loss in such parts as turbine blades. UniWest can assist in the development of your entire inspection tooling system, as well as provide service and support to ensure your inspection teams are providing accurate and repeatable results.

Primary Metals

Primary MetalsUniWest products can assist in your material quality verification process to ensure your products meet high industry standards. UniWest's US-454A eddy current instrument, for example, are widely used in this industry to detect porosity and internal discontinuities of cast materials to prevent future cracks and breaks.  


UniWest can assist with systems integration for on-line non-destructive testing of bar, wire, and tube products. Whether you need servicing of your existing NDT inspection system or customized application support, UniWest can offer a turnkey approach to your special testing needs.
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