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UniWest has developed the most technically advanced and operator-friendly portable eddy current testing system ever offered. The EVi works directly with the EddyView Family of probes and accessories. UniWest’s unmatched array of standard and optional signal processing, readout, data storage, alarm and display features set a new standard for flexibility of applications, ease of use, interpretation of data and overall operator accuracy than ever before possible in a portable NDI system.


Probe Catalog
UniWest products can be used with many standard eddy current probes and ultrasonic transducers, but we can also develop specialty probes and kits for your unique field applications. UniWest can offer a turnkey solution for your special inspection needs complete with reference standards, probes, transducers, instrumentation, and cases to meet your testing requirements.


4D Modeling
UniWest’s unique 4D process for rapid prototype development ensures fast solutions to complex application problems.

This multi-channel eddy current testing instrument is a rugged industrial rack-mounted instrument offering multi-channel testing, integral digital strip chart, as well as Ethernet control and data transfer to meet your in process testing requirements. 

EddyView Family
The EddyView family of instruments serve to ensure the physical integrity and performance demands of critical components in industries ranging from service and maintenance providers to original equipment manufacturers, to aerospace, energy and infrastructure development enterprises. 

Uni-Versal Robotic Eddy Current Test Machine
The first flexible test platform that offers totally robotic testing of metal bearings and spindles utilizing eddy current testing (ECT) for cracks. It is also the first machine of its kind to offer true automatic self-calibration. 

The all new US-454A brings the best innovative multi-frequeny eddy current technology to market.

Special Applications
UniWest produces laboratory and hand held eddy current instruments, automated scanner systems, portable scanners, special application probes, standard probes and bond testing products. 

This desktop or eddy current instrument is well suited to be attached to your desk-top PC for data collection and analysis.

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