Let UniWest solve quality verification problems in your production environment. We build and customize eddy current instrumentation for use in bar, tube, wire, and component testing. We can provide a turnkey approach to your online systems integration needs, providing the entire signal path from the probe to instrumentation to computer or controller. UniWest solutions are designed to fit seamlessly into in your production process and meet your quality verification needs.


EVi Testing System

UniWest’s has developed the most technically advanced and operator-friendly portable eddy current testing system ever offered — the EVi.The key to the EVi’s ground-breaking performance is the display of a previously unavailable visual image of the surface area under inspection alongside the customary eddy current signal displays in the form of impedance plane, A-scan or strip chart displays. EVi provides a high precision, easily readable, visually accessible account of surface conditions which enable greater operator accuracy, improved interpretation of data, and more accurate discernment of cracks, pits, gouges and fretting. By merging innovative surface imaging with UniWest’s renowned, best-in-class signal to noise and surface imaging technology, the EVi system sets a new world standard of precision for eddy current testing in a portable and easy to use package.

EddyView Family
Prime, Pro, Premium

The new EddyView line of portable EC instruments addresses the practical needs, as well as the financial realities, of the NDT industry. EddyView instruments serve to ensure the physical integrity and performance demands of critical components in industries ranging from service and maintenance providers, to original equipment manufacturers, to aerospace, energy and infrastructure development enterprises. Engineered by the UniWest ECT solutions team, and manufactured in the United States, each model in the EddyView line matches the technical strengths of eddy current inspection with the most productive options and features for optimal flaw detection. Every model is built on the same basic signal detection hardware platform and provides the same outstanding signal-to-noise ratio that users have come to expect from UniWest EC

(US-525M) Rack-mounted Multi-Channel Eddy Current Testing Instrument

The US-525M multi-channel eddy current testing instrument is a rugged industrial rack-mounted instrument offering multi-channel testing, integral digital strip chart, as well as Ethernet control and data transfer to meet your in process testing requirements. This instrument offers up to eight channels, with a frequency range of 20 Hz to 10 Mz, a high signal-to-noise ratio, a bright 12-inch diagonal color LCD flat-panel screen, and data storage of 32 Gig. It offers input/output (I/O) capability, USB and Ethernet connectivity, as well as three discrete alarm gates with independent outputs per channel. for your on-line bar, tube, wire and specialty component testing needs.

Specialty probe and guide fixture used with the US-525M for in-process inspection of tube products.
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(US-454A) Portable, Battery-Operated Multi-Frequency Eddy Current Instrument

The US-454A is a portable, hand-held, battery-operated multi-frequency eddy current instrument that can be connected to a laptop, PC and motion controllers for use in semi- or fully automatic data collection applications. Two encoder inputs enable position stamping of data. Pulse-on position input is ideal for motion control applications. Ethernet and USB capabilities allow instrument control along with time- and position-stamped data transfer to the client computer. Built from the rugged US-454 architecture, the US-454A offers single- and multi-frequency inspection, frequency mixing capabilities, enhanced signal-to-noise ratio, USB, Ethernet and data storage capability, and unprecedented digital strip chart data collection.


US-454A in fully automated roller bearing inspection system. The roller bearing system allows for continuous automated inspection of various sizes of roller bearings. UniWest can also build specialty visions systems to work with eddy current probes inspection of hard-to-access areas.

(US-454AC) Portable Multi-Frequency ECT Instrument

The US-454AC is an AC version of the US-454A for use in facilities where AC power is available. Batteries are not required.

(US-450) Desktop or Production Eddy Current Instrument

The US-450 is a unique desk op eddy current instrument well suited for use in the lab, which can connect your desktop PC for data collection and analysis. The US-450 offers high-speed flaw detection when used with an automated inspection system, digital thickness measurement of conductive and non-conductive coatings, digital thickness measurement of nonferrous metals, and digital readout of conductivity, phase and amplitude.


(US-500 E-Lab ) Robust Eddy Current Instrument

The US-500 E-Lab is a fully automated, computer based eddy current system for high-speed, in-line inspection of critical components containing small discontinuities. Software is user friendly Windows based. Simulated strip chart showing X&Y data. This instrument works best with custom designed probes selected for compatibility to receive the best sensitivity and signal to noise ratio for the application.



Us-500 E-Lab: Robust Rack-mounted Eddy Current Instrument

The US-500 E-Lab Industrial is a robust rack-mounted eddy current instrument and industrial computer housed in a rugged dust-proof enclosure with industrial fan and alarm light for 24/7 operation.

Applications include:
• Materials Sorting
• Crack Detection
• Hardness Testing
• Coating Measurement
• Plating Thickness Measurement
• Conductivity Measurement



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